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There are many types of 'Flexible' working.  This can include:

     * Part Time Working                                                      * Variable hours                                                           * Flexitime

     * Job Share                                                                     * Teleworking                                                               * Term time working


     * Compressed hours                                                      * Self Rostering                                                           * Shift swapping


     * Career breaks                                                              * Sabbaticals


Although the list may sound complicated and exhausting, there are many flexible working solutions that will help you achieve the 'work - life balance' that we are all striving for.


H48 can help you find your perfect job.  We will hear your needs and support you in your search from start to finish.  No question is silly or not worth asking, H48 will listen.  Our support can range from career guidance, helping you write your cv or preparing for that important interview!


We are ready to help. 

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