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As an outcome from the Governments positivity towards 'flexible working' (in 2014, the Chancellor decided that he wanted to see nearly 500,000 more women back into the workplace by 2016.  Also in the 2016 budget, the Government has agreed to introduce tax-free childcare from the beginning of 2017 and double childcare allowances from September 2017!!!), there has been a huge interest in introducing flexible working within organisations.

The standard cliche - if your 'working from home' then you're not working!  This is simply untrue!  Employee's feel more engaged and valued if Employers offer flexible working solutions to them.  Whatever the solution may look like!

In recent reports, it has shown that flexible working is a top priority for 24% of employees.  Obviously many factors contribute to the success of introducing and implementing flexible working but I would say the most vital is TRUST!

It has been proven that flexible working decreases business costs through employee engagement and absenteeism.

H48 Consultancy can help your organisation implement flexible working practices, increase performance and add value!!

If your company would like some advice on flexible working, HR & ER issues, please get in touch!  

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